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New Work added to my Le Petit Echo de la Mode series

Le-Petit-Echo-de-la-Mode-Hormazd_NarielwallaNo.37 Le-Petit-Echo-de-la-Mode-Hormazd_NarielwallaNo.39 Le-Petit-Echo-de-la-Mode-Hormazd_NarielwallaNo.40 Le-Petit-Echo-de-la-Mode-Hormazd_NarielwallaNo.42 Le-Petit-Echo-de-la-Mode-Hormazd_NarielwallaNo.44 Le-Petit-Echo-de-la-Mode-Hormazd_NarielwallaNo.47 Le-Petit-Echo-de-la-Mode-Hormazd_NarielwallaNo.48

Le-Petit-Echo-de-la-Mode-Hormazd_NarielwallaNo.52 Le-Petit-Echo-de-la-Mode-Hormazd_NarielwallaNo.53 Le-Petit-Echo-de-la-Mode-Hormazd_NarielwallaNo.54 Le-Petit-Echo-de-la-Mode-Hormazd_NarielwallaNo.55

I have added new work in my Le Petit Echo de la Mode series. They are all made on original antique French women’s domestic patterns ranging from 1950s onwards. Please visit my Saatchi Art profile to find out more about individual work by clicking on each image or visit Saatchi Art/narielwalla. Thank you! 


My Channel 4 interview and the Lady Gardens series


I was really excited to be interviewed on Channel 4 where I discuss my Lady Gardens project in response to Christmas as an outsider. This prompted me to add more work to the series.

Image29-Erythronium dens-canis-Hormazd-Narielwalla-2013 Image30-Gagea lutea-Hormazd-Narielwalla-2013 Image31-Genista sericea-Hormazd-Narielwalla-2013 Image32-Hedera helix-Hormazd-Narielwalla-2013 Image33-Hyacinthoides non-scripta-Hormazd-Narielwalla-2013 Image34-Lathyrus latifolius-Hormazd-Narielwalla-2013 Image35-Polygala vulgaris-Hormazd-Narielwalla-2013Please visit Saatchi Online to know more about the works and how to acquire. A very Happy New Year to all my followers, readers and fans of my work. God bless you all!


New Acquisition – Baughman’s Adjustable Combination Skirt System

Baughman's0 Baughman's0.1 Baughman's0.2 Baughman's1 copy Baughman's2 Baughman's3


A rare Edwardian find! Very exciting indeed!

An acquisition – a rare women’s paper dress making dummy

rich_0104 rich_0111 rich_0114I was really excited to spot this 1900 rare women’s dress making dummy made out of thick card paper and now rusted adjustable bolts. The acquisition was made at an antique market on a day trip to sunny Brighton. This is a very exciting addition to my collection of patterns. Photos: Angela Murray


Sculpture No.1, Love Garden for the Crafts Council – COLLECT 2013, Saatchi Gallery

Narielwalla_Denis_Laner_Saatchi_1a Narielwalla_Denis_Laner_Saatchi_1bI am pleased to reveal Sculpture No.1 for COLLECT 2013 at Saatchi to be exhibited in the Project Space in May 10-13th of May. My very good friend and talented photographer Denis Laner took these photos – The work is made from miniature quarter scale military tailoring plastron patterns drafted by Nina Penlington of Dege & Skinner, No.10 Savile Row. For Number 1, I spray painted one side of the patterns in red referencing the colour of most uniforms. The structure is constructed by stapling the different ends of the negative space of the patterns, and screwed into large blocks of Perspex. The sculptures were made at my studio in Margaret Street Gallery. Indeed these are exciting times for me – 4 more to go.


My ‘Collect2013′ for Crafts Council at Saatchi Gallery feature in Menswear Insight

Menswear-Insight-Hormazd-Narielwalla Hormazd-narielwalla=menswear-insight2Really chuffed to see a double-spread in the April issue of Menswear Insight in relation to my residency at Margaret Street Gallery where I prepare 5 sculptures to be exhibited at the Crafts Council’s Collect2013 at Saatchi Gallery.

To read the article and see the e-magazine visit HERE. Thank you editor Gemma Champ!


Yellow Canary



I started playing with the lingerie-swimwear patterns I recently acquired. The first thing that got my eye are yellow patterns made out of plastic coating – so not paper! The red markings on the bright yellow texture reminded me of canaries – and, so I responded to that feeling by making these abstract bird collages looking at forming shape through both the negative and positive space. These experiments have references to the collage works of Matisse


Dead Man’s Patterns – Memento Mori – The Skull show


Dead Man’s Patterns – Memento Mori Skull

Limited edition: 50 skull objects (To acquire please visit the SHOP)

Dimensions of overall piece: Length: 20 cm, Width: 15 cm, Depth: 16 cm

A paper collage 3-d object stapled and glued created from bespoke Savile Row patterns (of deceased customers) placed in an unsealed archival acrylic clear case with detritus from the making process of each skull on the floor of its case.

(All photos taken by Denis Laner)