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New Work added to the Le Petit Echo de la Mode series

New work added to my Le Petit Echo de la Mode series. I’m utilising more colour, which is quite exciting!

About the series:

My latest work mines a seam of precious material hidden between the pages of Le Petit Echo de la Mode. Published in Paris between 1897 and 1983 Le Petit Echo de la Mode was a popular domestic fashion and lifestyle magazine. Within it, loose and often discarded, I pluck a streak of radical abstraction. The magazine contains tailoring patterns that, for efficiency’s sake, layer the life-sized templates of entire garments onto a single sheet of paper. Each facet of the garment is encoded in an intricate web of lines, dots and numbers, and challenges us to view this sheet not as a means to an end but as an end in itself. Shattering the female form into precise overlapping facets flattened not as views of a subject but as the object itself. I make the radical potential loose in Le Petit Echo de la Mode real by cutting delicate sheets of coloured paper with the pride of a mother. The sheet of paper instructs the housewife, and the artist, to make itself. Predating Futurism and prefiguring Cubism these Le Petit Echo de la Mode abstracted the female subject to a degree more radical and precise than the highest aspirations of the 1912 manifetso Du “Cubisme”.

Please click on each image for more details.






Le-Petit-Echo-de-la-Mode-Hormazd_NarielwallaNo.44Visit my Saatchi Art portfolio to view details and how to acquire.


Profile feature in Luxure magazine

I was really excited when Luxure magazine asked me to pose and be interviewed for their Tailored issue. The magazine is a  celebration of exquisite craftsmanship, heritage and the culture of luxury.


This Tailored issue celebrates all that is wonderful about attention to detail, looking at the real meaning and understanding of what bespoke is. Whether it is in fashion, travel, hotels or interior design, it is the details that make the difference. Understanding the importance of craftsmanship and its relationship with what matters to us most, underpins this issue.”

Reggie Ansah

Those very words make me feel really privileged. Thanks to the dapper Mr. Reggie Ansah Editor-In-Chief and fashion editor Shivani Lal for featuring my work. A special mention to photographer Alexis Chabala who took my portraits, and also Emily Brooks who wrote the piece. Thank you Luxure.

luxure1 luxure2 luxure3 luxure4 luxure5

Hungarian Peacocks, Artist Book

Really pleased to showcase ‘Hungarian Peacocks’, an artist book created on an original 1920s tailoring manual. The patterns begin to look like mosaic collages utilising an array of coloured paper, tissue and acetate. The work proposes that patterns are beautiful drawings in their own right.

Hungarian-peacocks-Hormazd-Narielwalla1 Hungarian-peacocks-Hormazd-Narielwalla2 Hungarian-peacocks-Hormazd-Narielwalla3 Hungarian-peacocks-Hormazd-Narielwalla4 Hungarian-peacocks-Hormazd-Narielwalla5 Hungarian-peacocks-Hormazd-Narielwalla6 Hungarian-peacocks-Hormazd-Narielwalla7 Hungarian-peacocks-Hormazd-Narielwalla8 Hungarian-peacocks-Hormazd-Narielwalla9 Hungarian-peacocks-Hormazd-Narielwalla10 Hungarian-peacocks-Hormazd-Narielwalla11

Photos: Denis Laner

For enquiries please e-mail hormazd@narielwalla.com

New Work added to my Le Petit Echo de la Mode series

Le-Petit-Echo-de-la-Mode-Hormazd_NarielwallaNo.37 Le-Petit-Echo-de-la-Mode-Hormazd_NarielwallaNo.39 Le-Petit-Echo-de-la-Mode-Hormazd_NarielwallaNo.40 Le-Petit-Echo-de-la-Mode-Hormazd_NarielwallaNo.42 Le-Petit-Echo-de-la-Mode-Hormazd_NarielwallaNo.44 Le-Petit-Echo-de-la-Mode-Hormazd_NarielwallaNo.47 Le-Petit-Echo-de-la-Mode-Hormazd_NarielwallaNo.48

Le-Petit-Echo-de-la-Mode-Hormazd_NarielwallaNo.52 Le-Petit-Echo-de-la-Mode-Hormazd_NarielwallaNo.53 Le-Petit-Echo-de-la-Mode-Hormazd_NarielwallaNo.54 Le-Petit-Echo-de-la-Mode-Hormazd_NarielwallaNo.55

I have added new work in my Le Petit Echo de la Mode series. They are all made on original antique French women’s domestic patterns ranging from 1950s onwards. Please visit my Saatchi Art profile to find out more about individual work by clicking on each image or visit Saatchi Art/narielwalla. Thank you! 


My Channel 4 interview and the Lady Gardens series


I was really excited to be interviewed on Channel 4 where I discuss my Lady Gardens project in response to Christmas as an outsider. This prompted me to add more work to the series.

Image29-Erythronium dens-canis-Hormazd-Narielwalla-2013 Image30-Gagea lutea-Hormazd-Narielwalla-2013 Image31-Genista sericea-Hormazd-Narielwalla-2013 Image32-Hedera helix-Hormazd-Narielwalla-2013 Image33-Hyacinthoides non-scripta-Hormazd-Narielwalla-2013 Image34-Lathyrus latifolius-Hormazd-Narielwalla-2013 Image35-Polygala vulgaris-Hormazd-Narielwalla-2013Please visit Saatchi Online to know more about the works and how to acquire. A very Happy New Year to all my followers, readers and fans of my work. God bless you all!


New Acquisition – Baughman’s Adjustable Combination Skirt System

Baughman's0 Baughman's0.1 Baughman's0.2 Baughman's1 copy Baughman's2 Baughman's3


A rare Edwardian find! Very exciting indeed!

An acquisition – a rare women’s paper dress making dummy

rich_0104 rich_0111 rich_0114I was really excited to spot this 1900 rare women’s dress making dummy made out of thick card paper and now rusted adjustable bolts. The acquisition was made at an antique market on a day trip to sunny Brighton. This is a very exciting addition to my collection of patterns. Photos: Angela Murray