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12 responses to “Contact

  1. Hi, thank you for your compliments. I love the klaus nomi work not just because of the recognition of an underrated icon, but I really enjoy your mixed media style as well. In response to your inquiry, I think some cub/bear related material would be a fabulous idea, you know as well as I that the second it’s posted on tumblr it will spread like wildfire through reblogs etc… allowing for greater knowledge and recognition of your work.

  2. Hello Hormazd

    Thanks for the request to link with you! Have been reading your bio with great interest. I am co creative director at Union Black, which aims to ‘undress black music and fashion’ (please visit our facebook page), and we are currently in contact with singer Janella Monae’s management to run an event at LCF. At the moment she is Lagerfelds muse, and was featured heavily in a W magazine spread recently. but we want to link this event to a Savile Row tailor to acknowledge Monae’s utilitarian and androgynous approach to dressing in relation to her obsession with Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. If this goes ahead, would definitely like to talk to you about the project.

  3. The new work is wonderful.
    Dead Man’s patterns gripped me and has just extended my birthday list!

    A real talent.

  4. Thank you so much Matthew – it would indeed make a great birthday gift.

  5. Laurie Brugger

    Hi Homi-
    It was great chatting with you today at the other art fair – I love my prints! It occurred to me that you may like anatomical studies of Gottfried Bammes, he’s got some really beautiful constructive anatomy collages that are very modern and you may find them inspiring. Thank you again, and keep up the wonderful work!
    Laurie (the geeky/kinky american lady) x

    • Hi Laurie, It was lovely to meet you and I am so pleased that my work is going to hang on your walls in your geeky-kinky new flat…please keep in touch and thanks for the tip – I will check it out. Good luck and many thanks, Homi x

  6. Floriana Marwein


    It was really good to talk to you briefly yesterday at your stall and to look at your work. You were very good at keeping my baby entertained. It was a shame that cash points were so far away as I really wanted to buy something. Do you sell your work online? Are you at Spitalfields during the week? I work quite near there so could easily get there at lunch time.

    Thank you

  7. Hello
    Please can you tell me if the collage peices in ‘Lady Garden’ are specific parts of patterns or just random ones. Also please can you tell me how you feel your Khalo prints should best be framed. With the whole 3″ white border showing or with a mount? Thank you so much. Love what you are doing.

  8. Hello,
    DHL just delivered “Beards on Wheels” and “Oscar in the Park,” and I adore them! Can’t wait to get them framed.
    Thanks to you for making such engaging work — and packing it so securely and beautifully. And thanks to whomever bought “Oscar Hodgepodge Goes to the Cabaret.” It was my regret over seeing that piece sell that finally moved me to make a purchase.
    Next up: some abstraction!


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