Skulls in the negative – work-in-progress

I have posted my work-in-progress and finished 3-d skull object. To be reminded visit here. During the process of making a few samples and the finished object – I began to amass a considerable amount of remnant pattern cut-outs. I saved these for a rainy day – only to realise that I was left with a lot of curves – like curves of an armhole, neck, crotch of a trouser etc – which I could paste in a way that the negative space creates skull collages. Please see below some initial ideas.

I was going about the process in a very arbitrary way. I was looking at photographs while pasting the pieces – so there is a shape being formed and one can see a skull; however, I wanted to achieve a more accurate outline of my 3-d skull. In a conversation with my friend and artist Ed Burton came up with the idea of projecting the skull on a wall and working with shadows. This also promoted the 2-min film, directed by Ed, who also composed music for it. See here

We then concluded that the best method to achieve a shadow would be to work with an overhead project, which I happened to rescue 2 years ago. See below photos.

I will post once I have done some more collages in the negative using the overhead projector as my guide..

On a final note I am going to get sentimental by saying I am so lucky to have a friend like Ed. My lecturer at Westminster once told me that throughout a creative’s career it is imperative to have someone you trust; with who you can have open honest conversations about ideas, experiments, concepts etc and my comrade is most definitely the eccentric Ed Burton.

2 responses to “Skulls in the negative – work-in-progress

  1. Nice work! It must have been a nice surprise to get two art pieces out of what you’re doing! That’s the great thing about art, it NEVER ceases to amaze. To answer your question you asked me awhile ago, yes, I am in the creative field. I’m a photographer, writer and artist, and the surprise for me has been the enmeshing of all three into my work.
    keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing more!

  2. Thank you for your kind comment Rachel, it is so nice of you…I look forward to posting some photos as soon as I create some. Also, please do inform me how I can see some of your work..Homi

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